Supplemental Information


To assist you in your planning I have summarized the project phases on most themed environment and entertainment projects:

PRELIMINARY CONCEPT DESIGN PHASE: As described previously, the preliminary concept phase will provide "food for thought", allowing important decisions to be made that will define the scope and expedite the design of the project and its individual elements.  This stage of concept development will be kept intentionally broad and flexible, with many options that you can react and respond to, and give direction that will guide the next phases of project design.

FINAL CONCEPT DESIGN Phase: This will be a continuation of the Preliminary Concept Phase, with all efforts based upon the conclusions and decisions made as a direct result those efforts.  
Here, following discussions and decisions, we will work to develop the best of the ideas and visual images into actual forms and designs within your complex.  We will also determine what type and the number of drawings necessary to move the project forward.  Rough design sketches, preliminary elevations, ceiling and floor plans will be created.  Graphic signage and lighting concepts will be explored.  We may want to generate atmospheric color renderings to help communicate the lighting, color and moods of the space.  Written descriptions, lists and preliminary specifications will continue to be refined and/or detailed as required.
At the completion of the concept phases Part I and Part II, a central vision for the project will have been established and approved by the client. Preliminary budget options will be considered.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN PHASE: In this phase the concept continues refinement as scale drawings are developed. Technical design specifications are set.  Preliminary architecture and engineering input is submitted.  Budget and schedule are finalized.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE: In this phase, Architectural drawings are completed.  Working drawings, final scripts, models, color and materials selections, mural, graphic and set designs, lighting and technical de-signs, and show engineering are completed.  Bid packages are submitted and vendors selected.

PRODUCTION PHASE: Included is construction within buildings, production and manufacturing of show elements, along with music and video software production.  Procurement, installation, programming, rehearsals, test and adjust for show systems.  Field supervision, art direction and project management ensure continuity of design throughout.