While working with the Landmark Entertainment Group and Sanrio Co. of Japan, I developed the concept an incredible Fairie-Forest themed Dinner Theater.  This restaurant was included as an attraction at Sanrio Puroland and is a popular attraction today.

Fairyland Renduring

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SANRIO PUROLAND; R. Douglas Nelson: Executive Show Director/Show Designer
Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan               1986-1989

Indoor themepark based on Sanrio Characters (HELLO KITTY, etc.), opened 1990.  Estimated cost 1.3 billion dollars. 


FAIRYLAND RESTAURANT; R. Douglas Nelson: Concept Designer/Show Director. 

            Dinner Theater within a Fairyland Fantasy-World setting.  Live actors join with audio-animatronic and projected characters to present a fairytale musical experience. This multimedia environment is loaded with programmable lighting and lasers, waterfalls and water effects, show-action equipment and many special effects. Guests pass through a Celtic archway, then enter the multi-level restaurant through an underground cavern (pre-show holding area) Facility even includes treetop dining. This project was the inspiration for the Ginza Fairyland store.            


FAIRYLAND RESTAURANT ; R. Douglas Nelson: Concept Designer/Design Director.
Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan              Opened 1990
Fairyland Themed Dinner Theater.

Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan

CREDITS: - Produced by Landmark Entertainment Group, for Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Concept Designer/Project Designer: R. Douglas Nelson. Thanks to the Landmark and Sanrio teams, sub-contractors and the many other talented individuals (too many to list) that made this Fairy Dream come true.