While working with the Landmark Entertainment Group and Sanrio Co. of Japan, I developed the concept for a very special retail store.  This store is called the "SANRIO GALLERY - Fairyland " and it was built in the Ginza District of Tokyo, Japan.

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In this store, a series of themed merchandise displays were placed within a fantasy Fairyland environment.  Each display was designed to act as a Three-Dimensional commercial for a different product line.  Audio animatronics and special effects were integrated into these merchandise zones.  A story, music, and friendly characters now welcome us to this world and help to create merchandise appeal. 

Since its completion in 1987, this award-winning store became a "must see attraction" in Tokyo.  I directed the design and show teams throughout the creative process. 

"Fairyland" won the prestigious "Ginza Window Display" award as the most beautiful window on "The Ginza".  Ginza is the " Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills " of Japan; Ginza is where…  top designers from around the world compete for the most outstanding promotional display.

Not long after the Sanrio Store opening, the head of Disney's WDI Imagineering design group was seen visiting and it was reported that the Disney team was studying images of the Sanrio Flagship Store prior to developing their own "Disney Store" chain. At FAO Swartz in New York, some of our sets were unofficially recreated by one of our American animation-prop vendors.

SANRIO GALLERY; R. Douglas Nelson: Concept Designer/Design Director.
Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan              1987
Award winning Fairyland themed, multimedia retail store.

Produced by Landmark Entertainment Group, for Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Concept Designer/Design Director R. Douglas Nelson. Design & Illustration by Wes Cook, Michael Humphries, Rebecca Mills and others. Special thanks to the Landmark team including Show, Art and Technical Directors, the Sanrio team, and the many other talents (too many to list) that helped set this new standard in merchandising environments.