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Alpha Sensory - ALPHA SENSORY invites qualified therapists, healers, and practioners to inner-journey within personal "multisensory environments". Our prototype systems brings together sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single synergetic tool integrating wrap-around visuals, 3-D sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patented aromatherapy delivery system. Personalized experiences with advanced biofeedback interface, totally controllable by the therapist.

AromaComposer ­ Prototype Aroma Diffusion Technology - The personal “aromaComposer” aroma diffusion system automatically blends pure essential oils into thousands of custom synergies, switching scents instantaneously without lingering residue, for high-quality aromatherapy, multisensory therapy and entertainment applications.

Ojai Holistic Journey - Heal the Body - Clear the Mind - Ignite Your Spirit
Elaina Fletcher, C.Ht. Certified Hypnotherapist

Elaina helps others to develop their talents, reach their goals and enjoy happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. "Heal yourself, heal your world and create heaven on earth." Certified in Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Neurolinguistic Programming, (NLP), Timeline Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy(PLR), Handwriting Analysis, Reiki, Huna and EFT from the first Nationally Accredited School of Hypnosis, HMI.2005/2006. Since 2000, Elaina has studied Spring Forest Qigong. She achieved Level IV Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner Certification in 2003.

11400 N. Ventura Avenue, Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 649-9992

Mutisensory Stimulation System Home - The Multisensory Stimulation System is a multidimensional system that is immersive and interactive, and guides users through powerful & personal inner journeys. The user is suspended in a NASA-type "floating chair", and is immersed within a super-sensory environment that integrates wrap-around visuals, full surround sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patent-pending aroma delivery system. -Serena Whitehawk

"The CENTER" - Healing and Learning Center - New Age - Conceptual Design Image Gallery - A complete New Age Center… … a center created to stimulate balanced growth… … bringing about a better mankind begins by bring about a better man.

Conceptual Design began in 1982. Technology to enable it has been in development since, now it's ready in 2008 .

As proposed, this "New Age Center" was one many similar projects to be undertaken by private groups and foundations during the next several years. Intent on seeing this dream become reality, a group of artists, architects, and philosophers are working, still, toward this common goal. Information pertaining to the design of this center, and other such centers of varying budgets and designs; will be published in a web journal which will include design concepts and details, as well as information about the application of multisensory stimuli... including scent, color, 3-D sound and symbolism... to aid in the effectiveness of such facilities.

Studies in economic feasibility and recommendations concerning business structuring will be made available.

James Wisniewski - Sound Healer - James Wisniewski, multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, delivers multi-dimensional music suitable as enhancement for the healing arts, including yoga, massage therapy and meditation. Be it on flute, piano, guitar or any of a variety of instruments with which he participates, listeners around the world agree that his music is truly magical.

Harlan Emil Gruber_The “Portal” sculpture series - have been created for the Burning Man festivals since 2004 to act as evolutionary interfaces. They provide an interactive space for personal and planetary transformation by employing sound, color and sacred geometry to facilitate an evolution of consciousness so that one may become spiritually aligned with all of physical reality and understand our sacred relationship to it. This will help heal ourselves as well as the Earth, as all actions that are environmentally detrimental would not be perceived as viable options.
-Harlan Emil Gruber-

“Harlan Emil Gruber’s sculptures at Burning Man have been an underground favorite over the last few years. Combining sound installation with geometric form, they have offered a beautifully multidimensional experience to visitors who often spend hours lounging on the sculpture’s platform, bathing in the aural frequencies from his unique Quasar Wave Transducer. In my book, 2012, I explored the possibility of a global shift in consciousness. Gruber’s piece represents a valiant effort to capture that evolution in its melding of science, sacred geometries, and ambient sounds. Such creative dedication and ambition deserves to be supported and rewarded generously.” - Daniel Pinchbeck- author 2012: The Return of Quetzalocoatl-

Great Harlan Emil Gruber Video From Burning Man

Krotona Archive - An Epistolary History of Krotona by Historian, Joseph E. Ross - Share an intimate look at the leaders of this intriguing organization and read the actual letters they wrote with wonder about their achievements and their downfalls.

Meet the parade of famous people who in past years were touched by the Theosophical Society. Find out why Hollywood was chosen for building the Esoteric Center to spread the teachings of J. Krishnamurti! The world was getting ready for the wise guidance and great wisdom of this man; theosophy was to prepare the minds of men for his message. This man was not to be a teacher, but a whole man with wisdom and insight to show a new understanding of life.

Alpha Sensory

Located in Ojai, California, USA

Ojai, CA 93023

the Ojai Valley


SEN-SA-TION noun 1. That aspect of consciousness resulting from the stimulation of a nerve process beginning at any point in the body and passing through the brain, especially by those stimuli affecting any of the sense organs, as hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight; also, the capacity to respond to such stimulation. 2. That which produces interest or excitement; an excited condition; as, to cause a sensation. 3. A condition of mind resulting from inherent feeling; emotion. [<F. <L. sensatus, intelligent] Synonyms: emotion, feeling, perception, sense. Sensation is the mind's consciousness due to bodily response to stimuli as heat or sound; perception is the cognition of some external object which causes the sensation. While sensations are connected with the body, emotions add the reactions of the mind. Feeling is a term popularly denoting what is felt, whether through the body or by the mind alone, and includes both sensation and emotion. A sense is an organ or faculty of sensation or of perception. See FEELING.

SEN-SA-TION-AL-ISM noun 1 In philosophy, the theory that all knowledge originates in sensation, or is composed of transformed sense elements, that all consciousness is modified sensation, and all mental phenomena have a sensory basis: a branch of modern empiricism, often combined with associationism. 2 The use of melodramatic methods in writing or speaking. 3 The theory that feeling is the only criterion of good.

SENSE noun 1 The faculty of sensation; sense perception. 2 In general, any of certain agencies by or through which an individual receives impressions of the external world; popularly, one of the five senses- 3 Any receptor, or group of receptors, specialized to receive and transmit stimuli, either external, as of sight, taste, smell, etc., or internal, as of hunger, thirst, sex, equilibrium, muscular and visceral movements, etc. 4 Rational perception accompanied by feeling; realization; discriminating cognition; as, a sense of wrong. 5 Normal power of mind or understanding; sound or natural judgment; as, the fellow has no sense: often in the plural; as, she is coming to her senses. 6 Signification; import; meaning. 7 Opinion, view, or judgment of the majority; as, the sense of the meeting was manifest. 8 That which commends itself to the understanding as being in accordance with reason and good judgment; as, to talk sense. 9 Capacity to perceive or appreciate; as, a sense of color. 10 In geometry, one of two opposite directions in which a magnitude may be described or generated. 11 Direction; trend. See synonyms under FEELING, MIND. -THE FIVE SENSES The Aristotelean division of senses into sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch: now collectively known as the SPECIAL SENSES. - SIXTH SENSE 1 Capacity for perception beyond the normal range of the senses; extrasensory perception. 2 Intuitive or premonitory knowledge, especially as affecting or affected by the senses. 3 Cenesthsia.


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