This site is dedicated to its namesake, "Aloha Skatetown"; a radical and innovative second-generation skatepark built in the late 1970's. This site documents the design, construction and history of the park, and celebrates the skateboards and the skaters, together with the media and the methods used to create and capture that part of skating history.

This site is a work in progress and shall be updated frequently.

Last update 8/21/08

"Aloha Skatetown" - The Skatepark

Vintage Skates

Visit our photo gallery of vintage skateboards and skates


Skatepark Design Gallery

Skatetown SkateShots Gallery

Capturing The Past:

Old Movie Cameras, etc.

Skate Sounds in Ultra-Real Binaural/3-D Audio

Skate Sounds


Skateboard Patents & Inventions

Sooner or Later:

Other Classic Skateparks




Media: Audio, Video, etc.

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