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BIO: International conceptual designer Doug Nelson was trained in the Disney tradition, working on the Epcot and Disneyland projects early in his career. He has designed highly published projects such as “The World of Caesar” in Las Vegas, and the “Sanrio Gallery” flagship retail store in Tokyo Japan. Doug has also designed themed resorts, rides, exhibits & dispalys, dinner theatres, world’s fair Pavilions, produced and directed promotional videos, commercials and documentaries.

Recently Doug has been concentrating his efforts on the development of multisensory systems, including his patented aroma composer, and a suspended relaxation device. A man of many dreams whose passion lies in the development of new technologies and environments to move audiences into interactive fantasy worlds and adventures. A "rare" specialist in multisensory systems development and software, as well as the design of next-generation Spa & sound healing environments.


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Themed Environments & Attractions

Las Vegas, Nevada 1985-1986
DESCRIPTION: The popular "WORLD OF CAESAR" attraction at Caesar's Palace set the direction for future additions to the famed Caesars Palace and inspired in part the recent transformations within Las Vegas. This gallery includes early design sketches and as-built images, then-and-now for educational purposes.


Ginza District, Tokyo, Japan 1987
DESCRIPTION: - In this store, a series of themed merchandise displays were placed within a fantasy Fairyland environment. Each display was designed to act as a Three-Dimensional commercial for a different product line. Audio animatronics and special effects were integrated into these merchandise zones. A story, music, and friendly characters now welcome us to this world and help to create merchandise appeal. Since its completion in 1987, this award-winning store became a "must see attraction" in Tokyo.. This gallery includes design sketches, brochures, and as-built images, for educational purposes.


Sanrio Puroland, Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan 1990
DESCRIPTION: Dinner Theater within a Fairyland Fantasy-World setting. Live actors join with audio-anima­tronic and projected characters to present a fairytale musical experience. This multimedia environment is loaded with programmable lighting and lasers, waterfalls and water effects, show-action equipment and many special effects. Guests pass through a Celtic archway, then enter the multi-level restaurant through an underground cavern (pre-show holding area) Facility even includes treetop dining. This concept inspired the Sanrio Ginza Fairyland store. This gallery includes design sketches, models, brochures, and as-built images, for educational purposes.


USA, Japan, Korea 1976 - 1992
DESCRIPTION: - Including World Expo pavillions for Samsung and Ssanyong in Korea, Disney's EPCOT, and various clients in Japan. R. Douglas Nelson - Concept Designer in affiliation with the Landmark Entertainment Group, WED (Walt Disney Imagineering) and others.


Multisensory Spa & Healing Environments

The Center Pyramid 1
Anywhere, Anytown, Planet Earth - Designed 1982-1984, 2008

DESCRIPTION: "A complete New Age Center… … a center created to stimulate balanced growth… … bringing about a better mankind begins by bringing about a better man.".

This gallery includes design sketches, conceptual renderings and plans, brochure." Recently revived as a prototype retreat center and multisensory spa.



1984 - Present

DESCRIPTION; Symbolic Water Features: This document demonstrates the use of water within architectural, show and spa environments, highlighting examples of its symbolic and practical use. Here, water is presented as a significant design layer, reinforcing the intentions of the experience. Conceptual Design by R. D. Nelson.

This document is a PDF file, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.



Recreational Design

Agoura, California 1977
DESCRIPTION: This site documents the design, construction and history of "Aloha Skatetown"; a radical and innovative second-generation skatepark built in the late 1970's. Design by R. Douglas Nelson & Bill Drulius. This site includes design sketches, brochures, in-use and as-built images, for educational purposes.


Exhibits and Displays

Mattel 1987
DESCRIPTION: Created for Mattel and major hit at the New York Toy Fair, this exhibit presented the current "Masters of the Universe" toy line to toy buyers and distributors. Afterwards, it became a traveling trade show exhibit which included programmed miniature audio-animatronics, theatrical lighting effects, music and video. This gallery includes constuction photos, brochures, and as-built images, for educational purposes.


Six Flags Power Plant; Baltimore, Maryland 1985
DESCRIPTION: - Large forced perspective window into the future, as seen from the past, through the eyes of Professor Phineas Flagg, a Victorian scientist and inventor. This diorama attraction very successfully created the illusion of "BEING THERE", (VR), through the use of various theatrical tricks and special effects.


Product Design & Development

Ojai, CA 1997

R. Douglas Nelson, as artist, inventor and programmer, working as a partner with Multisensory Systems, Inc. has invented and patented unique systems and methodology. Combined with appropriate software, these systems provide a dramatic new experience for individuals, which when applied properly can reduce stress, produce non-ordinary states of consciousness and promote well being. Most notable is an aroma dispensing technology (aromaComposer) that leapfrogs the capabilities of current devices in the aromatherapy marketplace.


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