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As a show designer, concept designer and an inventor, I am available to consult on innovative projects, products, environments and experiences.

Background: For decades I have devised imaginative concepts and directed their implementation, creating "Interactive Entertainment" in multiple medias.

In the 1970's, following a formal education in industrial design, I was fortunate to apprentice under some of the old-school Disney Masters at WED Imagineering. Since then, I have been involved extensively in varied projects that have included the design of Theme Parks, World Fair pavilions, retail exhibits and entertainment environments; Clients have included such groups as Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, Samsung in Korea, and Sanrio in Japan.

Having a working knowledge and experience of how environments can be used to motivate and inspire people, I have become skillful at designing and guiding people through 3-D Space, virtual or built.

Communicating a Message: There is most often a lesson, or other underlying purpose in most of my productions. Sometimes this message may be an educational one, other times inspirational, or it may be related to selling a product or a company.

Story Driven Experience: It is effective to communicate ideas within a fantasy world; a world alive in allegory and symbol. In each instance, a storyline is developed that draws participants into that world, encouraging them to explore and discover, inviting them to act out a part, to become involved with characters, settings, and equipment, in a natural and stimulating way. We become part of a myth or participants in a ritual. The storyline weaves the many individual design elements together… defining appearances, qualities, and the ways that guests interact with each other and with out. Through participation in this process, whether abstract or concrete, the guest often realizes a truth that may have been hidden from view in the "Real World".

On The Cutting Edge: My experience in the design and development of interactive shows and fantasy worlds often requires me to apply state-of-the-art technology in order to achieve my ends. When that technology is unavailable, I create it.

Breakthrough Multisensory Technology: In order to greatly intensify an experience, I have focused on the development of multisensory systems and show software. This has resulted in the patented “AromaComposer” and also various suspended relaxation devices. These inventions can be used for spa and healing applications, special needs training or for entertainment purposes. Having become a “rare" specialist in multisensory systems development and software, as well as a designer of next-generation sensory experiences and environments... I look forward to new opportunities and challenges.

R. Douglas Nelson


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Themed Design Specialist


As a Conceptual Designer and a Creative Director, always aware of the "BIG PICTURE".  Familiar with the techniques and the technologies of nearly every phase of exhibit and show design, theme park design, architecture and construction.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • CONCEPT, MASTER PLANNING AND PRESENTATION:  Initial research, theme formation and the development of script, characters and/or storyboards; creation of crowd flow and circulation plans, sight line studies and capacity specifications; production of preliminary drawing packages, renderings, and models; assembly of presentation books, and live or videotaped client presentations.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SHOW DESIGN:  Thematic interior and exterior design and construction; buildings, show buildings, theaters and stages, pre-shows and queue areas, retail and restaurant environments; exhibits, landscape design including water features, fountains and foliage, paving and walls, rock­work, grading, signage and graphics.

  • THEATRICAL TECHNOLOGIES:  Knowledge of lighting, audio, video and film systems and production; application and design of special effects, show control systems, animatronics, ride systems and vehicle configurations; set staging, design and fabrication. Expert with forced perspective and diorama techniques.

  • CLIENT/STAFF/VENDOR DIRECTION AND COORDINATION:  Providing creative input and direction to various artists, sculptors, writers and designers; as well as to architects, engineers, technical designers, manufacturers and installation teams.               

  • BUDGETING AND SCHEDULING:  Helping to establish and maintain budgets and schedules.

  • COMPUTER SKILLS:  Well versed in use 2 and 3-D graphic design software, Including photo imaging, CAD, page layout and web site design. Multimedia programming skills include 3D Sound recording, processing and editing. Video editing.



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Project Highlights


R. Douglas Nelson



Co-Founder, Show Designer & Programmer



Alpha Sensory is on the cutting edge of experiential show design, environmental design and multisensory programming, creating environments and experiences transformational in nature. Deep, touching and profound.


A full multisensory experience can be incredibly powerful. By combining numerous sensory inputs, a heightened interaction can be established between individuals and a programmed presentation. To support the process we use the tools and techniques of the theme park industry combined with sensory display systems such as those developed by Multisensory Systems, Inc. and others. Traditional design teams are expanded to involve the expertise of scent designers and aromatherapists, sound and vibrational healers, various therapists, spa experts, etc.

Dreams-Floating in Dreams: Built and Virtual - Flexible programming allows us to change an experience within the same physical space (or change of the space itself!)




Co-Founder, Inventor, Show Programmer & Product Designer

  This company creates, develops and licenses multisensory display technology and methodology for the purposes of mental and physical stimulation and therapy, relaxation and entertainment.     


Prototype aroma diffusion technology: Invented and patented an aroma dispensing technology that leapfrogs the capabilities of current devices in the aromatherapy marketplace; for high-quality aromatherapy, multisensory therapy and entertainment applications. The personal and programmable "aromaComposer" has the unique ability to select from and/or combine any number of pure essential oils into a variety of custom blends. When in use, a completely new aroma can be directed to the user in a matter of seconds, providing for quick changes of mood, dramatic effects or healing purposes without lingering residue. The new third-generation prototype projects a laser-like beam of scent to a user up to 12 feet away.
The new "AromaComposer" 3rd Gen Prototype in Progress - PDF Publication - 1 MB

  Multisensory Delivery System (MSS): The Multisensory Stimulation System™ (MSS), is a 21st century multidimensional projection system that is immersive and interactive, and guides users through a powerful and very personal inner journey. The MSS user is suspended in a NASA-technology "zero-G chair", and is immersed within a super-sensory environment that successfully integrates wrap-around visual imagery, full surround sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patented aromatherapy delivery system, the aromaComposer.
Intro to the "Multisensory Stimulation System" PDF Publication - 2.5 MB
1991 - 1996      
    Producer, Director, Concept Designer    
  As owner of Wonderland Productions, a diverse design and multi-media studio, I produced an assortment of video productions including 30-second T.V. commercial spots, industrial promotional videos and documentaries.  In addition, concepts and designs were developed for retail, restaurants, themed attractions, television series & high-tech soft-touch toys for various commercial clients. Period Trend: Merging of Multimedia and built environments for entertainment or marketing purposes.    


CITY LIGHTS, Jazz Club; Kevin's at the Loft Partnership, Bakersfield, Calif.


Conceptual Designer/Project Designer


This innovative remodel of an historic downtown restaurant proved that you don't need a huge amount of money to create a successful entertainment landmark.  After Phase I of this Jazz/Bluse club was complete, it drew standing room only crowds on weekend evenings.

This themed environment was heavily inspired by the artwork of several modernist artists, deriving images from the cut-outs of Matisse, and the paintings of Miro, Kandinsky and even Hockney.  This three-dimensional abstract space makes use of dramatic forms, bold graphics, and lively colors to provide the high impact environment that the owners requested.  The dynamic composition and powerful sweeping form of the upstairs bar and back-bar are designed to reflect perfectly in the adjacent mirrored wall, giving the illusionary view that it is twice is actual size.

 Video has been integrated into the architecture, with Phase I display monitors currently built into the upstairs lounge and back-bar.  Programmed video and live video of stage entertainment is presented through this system.



1993 - 1994

COZMO AND THE SUPER SCOUTS; Cosmic Creations, Inc.


Creative Consultant and Co-Producer


Children's educational television series and related cross media develop­ments including INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS.  The weekly, half hour, action packed "Journey of Discovery" television show designed to entertain and educate children from the ages of 4 to 12.  SUPER SCOUTS integrated sophisticated computer animation, with live action and stock footage, bringing life and magic to its wonderful characters and environments.

The video property is designed to fulfill the F.C.C. educational require­ments now being enforced, as well tap into the huge cross media market, including but not limited to video games, CD-ROMs, books and home video formats. 




MCA/UNIVERSAL; Universal Studios, FLA     1993
Universal Studios Florida Expansion;
This project is confidential.


Conceptual Designer








SAMSUNG PAVILION; Concept Designer/Show Designer
Samsung Company, Korea 
Fantasy travel through time from ancient astronomers to future of man in space.  This virtual world included a state-of-the-art motion based simulator attraction, and was the most popular attraction at the expo.


SSANGYONG EARTH PAVILION;  Master planner/Concept Designer
Ssangyong Cement Industrial Company, Ltd.  Korea 
Communicated the theme of harmony between man and nature through the broad use of symbolism, expressed through architecture and materials.




SPACE NEOTOPIA; Space Age Japan, Inc., Nagaoka, Japan


Space and Space exploration theme park complex.


FUTURE SPACE PAVILION; Concept Designer/Show Director
Virtual visit to a Space Station/City of the Future, including numerous future game arcades, shops, restaurants and rides.  Fully interactive experience. Designs later adapted for Bremen Space Park.




FANTASTICA; Taiyo Juken Company, Japan


Concept Designer/Show Designer


Fantasy resort and themepark along the lines of a "WESTWORLD".  Based upon these three themes: 1) The Civilization of Atlantis.  2) Camelot.  3) Ancient Rome.



1990 - 1991

NOAH'S PARK; Concept Designer/Creative Director


Children's television series, based upon a group of animal and human characters living within a magical park, learning about the environment through playing within the park's limited yet unlimited boundaries.  (Noah's Park is actually a microcosm of our whole planet, its creatures, its biomes and natural laws.)






Show Designer


Traveling trade show exhibit, included audio-animatronics, theatrical lighting effects, music and video; controlled by a computer.




SANRIO GALLERY; Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Concept Designer/Design Director


Award winning Fairyland themed, multimedia retail store.


Innovation in Retail: While working with the Landmark Entertainment Group and Sanrio Co. of Japan, I developed the concept, and directed the design and show teams, for a very special retail store.  This store is called the "SANRIO GALLERY" and it was built in the Ginza District of Tokyo, Japan.

In this highly interactive kid-space, a series of themed merchandise displays are assembled as a fantasy Fairyland environment.  Each display is designed to act as a Three-Dimensional commercial for a different product line.  High tech electronics and control systems, audio animatronics, video and special effects are integrated into these merchandise zones.  A story, music, and friendly characters welcome young customers to this world and help to create merchandise appeal. 

Since its completion in 1987, this award-winning store became a "must see attraction" in Tokyo.



1986 - 1989

SANRIO PUROLAND; Sanrio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Executive Show Director/Show Designer


Indoor themepark based on Sanrio Characters (HELLO KITTY, etc.), opened 1990 at Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan .  Estimated cost 1.3 billion dollars.  In addition to my position as overall Executive Show Director, I was responsible for the following attractions within the facility:


FAIRYLAND RESTAURANT; Concept Designer/Show Director. 
Dinner Theater within a Fairyland Fanta­sy-World setting.  Live actors join with audio-animatronic and projected characters to present a fairytale musical experience. This multimedia environment is loaded with programmable lighting and lasers, waterfalls and water effects, show-action equipment and many special effects. Guests pass through a Celtic archway, then enter the multi-level restaurant through an underground cavern (pre-show holding area) Facility even includes treetop dining. This project was the inspiration for the Ginza Fairyland store.


Magical Virtual-Village and educational attractions within it.


PURO FOOD MACHINE; Concept Designer.
Computer controlled animated food machine/show/cafeteria restaurant.


DREAM SQUARE; Concept Designer.
An amazing Rest Area, set within an abstract world of clouds, projections and music.


MASTERPLAN, EXTERIOR, AND ENTRY HALL; Concept Designer/Show Designer




"THE WORLD OF CAESAR" at Caesars Palace; Caesars World Inc.  Las Vegas, Nevada


Concept Designer/Project Designer/Show Designer


The popular "WORLD OF CAESAR" attraction at Caesar's Palace set the direction for all future additions to the famed Caesars Palace and inspired in part the recent transforma­tions within Las Vegas.

As Project Designer, working for The Landmark Entertainment Group and Caesar's World, Inc., I was asked to come up with a way to attract more pedes­trian traffic into Caesar's Olympic Casino, making use of an existing people mover.  The client's goal was to double the number of people entering at this location.  UPON OPENING ITS DOORS IN 1986, THE COUNT WAS UP OVER 400 PER CENT! 

This project combined environmental design, audio, video and special effects to achieve the desired results.




THE FUTURE CITY; Six Flags Power Plant; Baltimore, Maryland  


Concept Designer/Show Designer/Producer


Large forced perspective window into the future, as seen from the past, through the eyes of Professor Phineas Flagg, a Victorian scientist and inventor.  This diorama attraction very successfully created the illusion of "BEING THERE", (VR), through the use of various theatrical tricks and special effects.


Reformed Model Technics (Below - 1977-1979) as a full service Model and Design Firm. Emphasis of film effects, experimental video game technology, pioneering use of Utimatte video technique, product design, robotics, prototype, design of play and recreation areas. Produced for various clients: architectural models, props, legal models

Models, Prototypes, Product Development



POOH'S CORNER; Disney Channel and Left Coast Productions   


Model Designer/Special Effects Set Designer


Designed and fabricated the miniature fantasy homes for Winnie the Pooh and his friends, seen on the popular Disney Cable show from 1983 - 1995.  Ultimatte video special effects were used to superimpose life-sized costumed human/robotic characters .




FAERIE TALE THEATER VIDEO SERIES; Platypus Productions; Shelly Duvall, Producer


Model Designer/Special Effects Set Designer


Designed and fabricated miniature sets and scenery for the productions of "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" Jefferson Eliot, Production Designer and "THE BOY WHO KNEW THE SHIVERS".  Both originally aired on the Showtime Cable Channel and are currently popular Home Video selections.  This show pioneered the use of Ultimatte video special effects.



1982 - 1983


Design Instructor: Instructed students in group design and philosophy – Camarillo School - Thatcher School – Ojai



1982 - Present

The CENTER - Retreat Center & Spa


"A complete New Age Center… … a center created to stimulate balanced growth… … bringing about a better mankind begins by bringing about a better man.". Recently revived as a prototype retreat center and multisensory spa.



3-D Designer, Headed up the Model Shop


Projects included the famed "Autoworld", Flint, Michigan - Humorous History of the Auto - Humorous History of Automobility - as described in Michael Moore's video "Roger & Me" and the incredible Oceania Hotel Resort concept proposal for Las Vegas.


    Owner, Model Designer    

Established Model Technics as a full service Architectural Model and Design Firm. Produced for various clients: architectural models, props, legal models, sales and demonstration models, product mockups and designs. Recreational Design Specialists. Re-formed later as the "Family of Precision".




Co-Designer & Project Developer


"Aloha Skatetown"; a radical and innovative second-generation skatepark built in the late 1970's. Design by R. Douglas Nelson & Bill Drulius. Set up Sega Center Arcade.


Worked on the design of various projects and pavilions during two separate stints at WED. Design Development Department Position: Model Designer I


HORIZONS PAVILION - The Future, Desert Home Scenes; Unofficial Concept Designer - Info upon request.
Sponsor:  General Electric.     1980

Experimental SILK-SCREEN Printing: Including color mixing and color separation, burning of screens, and printing with partner this small series of famous experimental 60 color serigraphs. Worked with brilliant Disney graphics crew.






Partner, Designer & Pattern Maker

Automobile (aerodynamic) accessory design, development and manufacturing. Water (hydrodynamic) sporting equipment design, prototypes and manufacturing.




Custom boat dock design and manufacturing. This was my first business venture while a student at CSUN. Built several boats while in still high school including one this "All-American" one.





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