R. Douglas Nelson
Las Vegas, Nevada 1985-1986
DESCRIPTION: - The popular "WORLD OF CAESAR" attraction at Caesar's Palace set the direction for future additions to the famed Caesars Palace and inspired in part the recent transformations within Las Vegas. This gallery includes early design sketches and as-built images, then-and-now for educational purposes.
CREDITS: - Produced by Landmark Entertainment Group, Gary Goddard & Tony Christopher, for Caesar's World, Inc. Concept, Project & Show Design by R. Douglas Nelson. Concept Design & Illustration by Mike Marquez. Brilliant classical design by Ed Elliot. Project Manager/Designer: Anthony Esparza. Big thanks to David Thornton, the Landmark Model Shop, DEC, and so many other talents that helped change the face of Las Vegas.
COPYRIGHT: © 2008 R. Douglas Nelson.  All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.
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