The Sensorium “Stink-o-Vision” Theater


R. Douglas Nelson - Conceptual Designer / Inventor / Consultant Ojai, California BIO: International conceptual designer Doug Nelson was trained in the Disney tradition, working on the Epcot and Disneyland projects early in his career. He has designed highly published projects such as “The World of Caesar” in Las Vegas, and the “Sanrio Gallery” flagship retail store in Tokyo Japan. Doug has also designed themed resorts, rides, exhibits & dispalys, dinner theatres, world’s fair Pavilions, produced and directed promotional videos, commercials and documentaries. Recently Doug has been concentrating his efforts on the development of multisensory systems, including his patented aroma composer, and a suspended relaxation device. A man of many dreams whose passion lies in the development of new technologies and environments to move audiences into interactive fantasy worlds and adventures. A "rare" specialist in multisensory systems development and software, as well as the design of next-generation Spa & sound healing environments. See Portfolio at:

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  1. August 16, 2009

    […] In 1984, while working on the Baltimore Power Plant project for Six Flags, I experienced the Sensorium Theater, which I was not the designer of, but did see the processes used intimately, and the failures too, which taught me much about the benefits and deficits of such multisensory systems, especially the scent system with its chemical wax like pellets. […]

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