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Aroma Research

By , July 2, 2003 8:24 pm


Compilation of significant articles about “Aromatherapy”

Within the context of these following articles, you will find some of the data that we used to develop our Aromatherapy Web FAQ in June and July, 2003. We were primarily interested in presenting aroma used as an inhalant, and not topically applied as massage oil. Any information contained herein is for educational or research purposes only.(see “Notes” at end)

How information is presented here

An abundance of aromatherapy information is available. Having read from many sources, we selected the most pertinent articles in relation to our unique diffusion system, the “aromaComposerâ„¢”. To save time and add clarity I have marked up areas with various notes and colors, etc. as follow:

  • Personal comments, notes or call-outs are in blue color like this.
  • Most significant items are highlighted in red like this!
  • I have left much information in black so you can see the context of the highlighted items if needed.
  • In most cases the notes in blue point out important black text areas when they exist. If not, you can probably skim over them quickly to save time.
  • Original sources or references to selections have been retained, if you need them for quotes, etc. although some of these links are no longer valid.

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