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Some Questions Answered – Scent Marketing 0

Some Questions Answered – Scent Marketing

Integrated Scent Marketing Systems Since developing the basic aromaComposer and its controller systems I have received various inquiries from individuals and companies, through the years, from around the world, interested in using our system...

The Sensorium “Stink-o-Vision” Theater 1

The Sensorium “Stink-o-Vision” Theater

Application of scent in a theater can be tricky, but can be done well, with careful programming, a high technology scent system, and appropriate essences. Below is a true story of a failed but...

Aroma Research 0

Aroma Research

AROMATHERAPY RESEARCH: Compilation of significant articles about “Aromatherapy” Within the context of these following articles, you will find some of the data that we used to develop our Aromatherapy Web FAQ in June and...